What is RAD C++?

RAD C++ Library is claimed to be the best GUI building library for Microsoft Windows keeping in view the highly increased level of ease and coding style for C and C++ developers. Each and every class of library is created using generic properties and provides a very easy interface to the developer to interact with overall GUI (forms and controls). It is as easy for plain C language developers as for C++ developers. It is not cross-platform and does not have a CPU resources consuming layout manager, thus final application is less CPU & memory consuming and fast. Although, we plan to port it to major platforms in future, but natively, means not basing on existing frameworks. As it is using windows native API, future ports will also be using native API of their platform. Backbone of rad C++ library is ofcourse win32 api, so, your final application is native to Microsoft Windows Operating System. Any application created using rad c++ runs perfectly on win98, ME, and all NT based Operating systems of Microsoft e.g. Windows XP, Vista, and your application adopts native look and feel automatically. It is also very useful for advanced winapi programmers, since it provides a very easy way to directly use the GUI objects' handles (HWND) e.g. Form1.hwnd / Button1.hwnd, and to work on Device Context use Form1.hdc etc. It's generic properties make the life easier to manipulate entire GUI at runtime and/or even draw from custom templates.

RAD C++ Version 3n is under heavy development and will soon be available. Keep checking updates page.